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Week of 2017/06/11


  • "Whole Foods Deal Shows Amazon's Prodigious Tolerance for Risk" [nytimes]
  • "The Decline of the Baronial C.E.O." [nytimes]
  • "NASA's Newest Class of Astronauts Is Ready to Hit the Pool" [nytimes]
  • "Finland Works, Quietly, to Bury Its Nuclear Reactor Waste" [nytimes]
  • "Envisioning the Car of the Future as a Living Room on Wheels" [nytimes]
  • "Lorde Learns She Can't Party Away Her Melancholy on 'Melodrama'" [nytimes]


  • Divide and conquer: How Microsoft researchers used AI to master Ms. Pac-Man [link]
  • Apple Is Trying To Make Your iMessages Even More Private [link]
  • Apple undercuts Facebook in the augmented reality platform war [link]