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Week of 2017/05/21


  • "NASA Spacecraft Finds a Chaotic Dance of Storms at Jupiter's Poles" [nytimes]
  • "California Engages World, and Fights Washington, on Climate Change" [nytimes]
  • "Where Nestle Guzzles Water, Locals Doubt Claims of Negligible Impact" [nytimes]
  • "The Rise of the Fat Start-Up" [nytimes]
  • "Amazon Sets Up Shop in the Heart of the Publishing Industry" [nytimes]
  • "The Science Behind the Flamingo's One-Legged Stance" [nytimes]
  • "Lisa Su on the Art of Setting Ambitious Goals" [nytimes]
  • "4-Year-Olds Don't Act Like Trump" [nytimes]


  • Simple math is why Elon Musk's companies keep doing what others don't even consider possible [link]
  • Curiosity May Be Vital for Truly Smart AI [link]
  • 1Password adds a 'travel mode' to keep your passwords safe at the border [link]