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Week of 2012/04/01


  • "Google Begins Testing Its Augmented Reality Glasses" [nytimes]
  • "A Satellite System That Could End Circling Above the Airport" [nytimes]
  • "Hotel’s Free Wi-Fi Comes With Hidden Extras" [nytimes]
  • "Widespread Virus Proves Macs Are No Longer Safe From Hackers" [nytimes]
  • "Police Are Using Phone Tracking as a Routine Tool" [nytimes]
  • "JOBS Act Jeopardizes Safety Net for Investors" [nytimes]
  • "The Best Scorecard Is the One You Keep for Yourself" [nytimes]


  • Curating Big Data in the Cloud [link]
  • The rise of e-reading [link]
  • Questions Amazon Should Answer About Its Cloud Strategy [link]
  • Video: PAL-V Flying Car - Maiden Flight [link]