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Week of 2012/11/11


  • "Trying to Keep Your E-Mails Secret When the C.I.A. Chief Couldn't" [nytimes]
  • "The Meaning in a Drawerful of Family Snapshots" [nytimes]
  • "Game Controller Marries Tablet: Here Comes Baby" [nytimes]
  • "Text Messaging Declines in U.S. for First Time, Report Says" [nytimes]
  • "A Dose of Realism for the Chief of J.C. Penney" [nytimes]
  • "In Sports or Business, Always Prepare for the Next Play" [nytimes]
  • "Blind Adventurer Prepares to Challenge Colorado River in a Kayak" [nytimes]
  • "Skimming the Surface, Inches From Danger" [nytimes]


  • 'If We Published Patents, It Would Be Farcical' [link]
  • AWS in Action - Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Campaign [link]